Amath Ndiaye habla sobre el próximo partido contra su ex equipo, el Getafe

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  • Amath Ndiaye, who scored the winning goal against the RC Celta in the last match, admits that Sunday's match against Getafe is special for him because he played for Getafe before joining Mallorca for three seasons.
  • He believes that it's a crucial match for him and that they will go for the victory as they are playing at home and they have the support of their fans.
  • He further discussed his missed chances in the previous match against Valladolid and acknowledged that he needs to focus more on improving his game.
  • His goal against Celta broke the team's seven-game losing streak as a visitor.
  • Ndiaye considers the victory against Celta as proof that the team has been working hard and not giving up despite the negative results.
  • He greeted his coach Javier Aguirre after scoring against Celta, despite his coach's request not to.

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