Antoine Griezmann volverá al Camp Nou

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  • Antoine Griezmann will be returning to Camp Nou to play against FC Barcelona as a forward for Atlético de Madrid.
  • In the past, the French striker faced many difficulties such as a controversial change that left a portion of Atlético's fanbase against him, and to adapt after signing with Barcelona.
  • Griezmann expressed his first year at Barcelona was complicated as he was mostly a substitute, had to adapt to a different system and position, and managed to yield 15 goals with four assists in 48 games played.
  • In Griezmann's second year, he enjoyed playing and was pleased with his performance.
  • Griezmann spoke on the possibility of Atlético challenging for the LaLiga title if their early season form was more successful.
  • Griezmann also expressed his gratitude towards playing for Simeone and for Atlético de Madrid.

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