La amistad que ha "cambiado" la vida de Deulofeu

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  • Gerard Deulofeu's friendship with Marcos Llorente has been "a turning point" in his life, according to an interview with Relevo.
  • The former Barcelona player has been recovering from injury in Madrid, allowing him to spend time with his close friend.
  • Deulofeu and Llorente's friendship began in the youth teams of Spain, before their careers took very different paths.
  • Deulofeu, now 29, has played for Udinese, Watford, Everton, Milan, and Sevilla, but is most remembered for his time at Barcelona and his promise as a young player.
  • He credits his friendship with Llorente for changing his life and values, and providing guidance and motivation in his career.
  • Llorente is known for his focus on body care and was previously credited with helping Luis Milla turn his career around.
  • Deulofeu is the latest player to praise Llorente's influence.

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